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Food safety professionals with experience in food manufacturing, agriculture, organic certifications and supply management.

Providing food safety and quality assurance expertise to  food manufacturing, food retail, food service, agriculture and hemp/cannabis industries.

Food Safety Management

We are here to help you!

  • Provide help with reviewing your disaster preparedness protocols
  • Build strong and consistent food safety management program
  • Train your team on food safety
  • Inspect your facilities to ensure health code compliance
  • Perform or prepare your operations for GMP audits
  • Consult for GFSI standards
  • Guide you through sanitation requirements during the application for license process
  • Set up traceability and testing for your products
  • Stay updated on the latest federal and state regulatory requirements

Personalized Approach

  • Customized approach- we will work with you to identify the right solutions for your operation.

  • Wide range of expertise: from a simple facility inspection to a multi-stage food safety system development, we have the expertise that you need to keep your operations compliant and your customers happy.

  • Consistent Support – providing your operations with food safety and regulatory compliance support for as long as you will need us.  Let us be your QA department!

  • National Coverage – our experts are available in most states

Tap into our expertise to get pragmatic, science based solutions to every food safety and quality project that keeps you up at night

Our Mission is to provide you with expert food safety services that fit your budget and benefit your business

Contract Based Projects

Hire us to be your QA team- for as long as you need us.

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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Preparing your operations to successfully meet GMP requirements

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Food Safety Training

Certification and non-Certification courses to help you train your staff

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Food Safety Plan Development

Practical and compliant food safety plan development for your specific operation

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FSMA Compliance

Helping you to be in compliance with FSMA requirements

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Product Development Help

R&D help with new product development from lab to market

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Traceability System Setup

Development and implementation of t traceability and document control system

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Supplier Management

Establishing  vendor management system to protect your operation, reduce liability and protect your brand.

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Label Compliance

Helping you create compliant and accurate labels (nutritional information, ingredient statement, allergen statement etc)

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Our Mission

We work with the entire supply chain to ensure consistency, compliance and high standards of food safety and quality.

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We would love to chat about what keeps you up at night.  Drop us a note for a free 1 hour consultation.  Or just to say “hi”!